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Interior Design

Welcome to Handcraft Interior LLC.

Handcraft Interior is customized to your needs and specializes in turnkey interior fit-out works. We take pride in employing the best workforce with technical expertise and industry specific domain knowledge that enables us to accomplish critical projects in the specified time frame without compromising on quality and safety. We maintain the highest level of service with quality workmanship through our team of dedicated Project Managers and Site Technicians.

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
Designer will from time to time visit the design project to ensure that the work is confirming to the design plans and specifications of the design project. Client is expected to grant reasonable access to the premises of the design project for the Designer and/or Designers agents, as well as the subcontractors required to perform the agreed upon work.
It is important to emphasize that interior design is a specialized branch of architecture or environmental design; it is equally important to keep in mind that no specialized branch in any field would be very meaningful if practiced out of context. The best buildings and the best interiors are those in which there is no obvious disparity between the many elements that make up the totality.
After a plan has been selected, we begin developing a color scheme that communicates your brand message, and sourcing furniture, fixtures and materials. Custom furniture may be designed where needed. Materials for flooring, walls, counters and cabinetry are selected. A lighting concept is developed. Drawings, samples and conceptual images are gathered. Quotes and pricing are researched. Your needs, budget, and brand are all considered in every product and design element we present to you.
This is where the vision becomes reality. All work by the trades has been completed. Now the furnishings are delivered, merchandise is placed and art is hung. Accessorizing is what elevates your space to magazine-quality status. It involves adding finishing touches that complete your brand message and make your space feel complete. This phase follows a different process than the rest of the design.
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